Professional investment management

Define, select and regularly review your personal strategy and allocations with a professional advisor.


Access to exclusive best-in class funds

As an investor in ONE Trust, you gain access to a world of investment strategies generally not available to U.S. investors.



Satisfying all U.S. reporting rules kept simple with the information that BFI and the trustee provide to you every year.


A Warmer Welcome

Your ONE Trust is for you, but it isn’t you.  Because it’s not a U.S. person, your ONE Trust gets a warmer welcome from international financial institutions.  The structure insulates the banks, brokers and insurance companies you want to use from the U.S. regulatory risk of doing business directly with Americans.   


Simplicity and Ease

Internationalizing does not have to be complex. And it does not have to be a hassle!


Key Features and Benefits

ONE secure plan to protect and grow your offshore nest egg

Minimum initial contribution: USD 250,000

Minimum annual contribution: None required

Contributions and withdrawals: Permitted at any time, regardless of your age

Age limitation to contribute: No limit

Age limitation to withdraw: No limit

Asset protection

The structure provides enhanced asset protection from lawsuits, future creditors and seizures.


Custodial safety

Your ONE Trust assets are held in custody exclusively with private banks domiciled and regulated in Switzerland.



ONE Trust is flexible. It can be owned jointly or individually and allows for contributions and distributions according to your schedule. 


Efficient inheritance

ONE Trust allows you to designate your life-time beneficiaries and your beneficiaries at death.


Tax efficiency

ONE Trust satisfies U.S. requirements for tax-deferred compounding of investment profits, resulting in faster growth. 



Withdrawals are permitted at any time.

Simple and straight-forward jurisdictional diversification - a solution made in Switzerland

Diversify across multiple safe jurisdictions. Avoid complexities and unnecessary costs with a ONE Trust that complies fully with all U.S. tax rules. ‘ONE’ stands for “Offshore Nest Egg”, but more importantly, 'ONE' reflects the basic vision and spirit under which this unique solution was created, namely to demystify and simplify jurisdictional diversification for Americans. 

Your ONE solution for global investment access

Grow your wealth offshore with a licensed Swiss custodian; invest internationally with access to global investment strategies, foreign currencies, asset managers, funds, ETFs, and physically allocated gold. Gain the wealth-boosting advantage of tax-deferred compounding for your profits. Protect your heirs with wealth that bypasses the cost and delay of probate. 

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ONE is all you need!

"ONE Trust is a great service. It gave me the international safety and tax deferral I've been searching for. BFI made it so simple and straight-forward."

- Richard from Texas


Grow your offshore nest egg safely and efficiently

ONE Trust, a complete solution for US investors who want to diversify their wealth offshore without complexity and high costs. Your offshore nest egg of USD 250,000 or more can gain ONE Trust access to planning benefits and investment strategies generally restricted to ultra-high net worth individuals... and lock out lawsuit predators and the risk of asset seizures.

ONE is all you need!